ferry rides

one of our favorite outings with the kids is taking ferry rides. really, it's fun anytime of the year, but the sunsets are so incredible during the summer. i never get tired of the view. the kids love finding a window seat and looking for whales and porpoises - henry is always quick to run over and identify them on the nearby sealife charts. they love running around on the windy top deck (and occasionally giving me a heart attack by being crazy... especially violet, who wants to climb everything these days), also getting cookies, doing puzzles, and generally making friends with everyone on the boat is an awful lot of fun. they definitely keep us on our toes!

growing up, i was always told this story by my grandad who commuted to work via ferry... he usually walked on but one day he rode his motorcycle on and then walked off in the city forgetting he drove aboard that day. they found his abandoned bike and thought he'd fallen overboard! it was quite to ordeal and was a funny ending when he turned up ok in the end!

△ coffee was one of her first words. really... she always walks over to my mug in the morning and says "coffee?" and when we're out she loves to have our empty cups!

△ always on the move

△ sleepy head!

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