henry is 6!

our sweet boy turned 6 this week. we celebrated the day by going swimming, making his favorite dinner (quesadillas) and enjoying a late night chocolate birthday cake. his big celebration is yet to come with a little birthday adventure planned for him over the weekend. sadly i could not get him what he really wanted for his birthday: a capybara. but i think he will like option #2 quite a lot.

i always felt like i would have to work harder at parenting a boy. that somehow it just wouldn't come as naturally as parenting girls does to me. but not with henry. it's like god knew the exact kind of boy to send to us.

a boy who is sweet, and creative, and loves to think.

who loves to lay in the sun and eat apples and brocoli and flip through old nature books.

who adores his baby sisters and wants to make the world a better place.

i love these things about him.

really, some of my favorite afternoons have been spent with him... sitting in on high school lectures about animal conservation, wandering through the natural history museum, walking on the beach, teaching him volleyball. he is a boy after my own heart! and sometimes i think it is really, really fun being this guy's mama.

it's going to be a great year and i can't wait to see all the things he will do!

happy birthday henry!

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  1. how wonderful! happy birthday to your precious boy!


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