a big kid getaway

i know this space has been pretty quiet lately... honestly october has just flown by! i had my wisdom teeth out the beginning of the month (and is that recovery ever fun?!) and then the kids were sick, and then i was sick, and things have just been a little hectic. of course with the cold weather moving in there seem to be a million things we've been trying to get done and there just isn't enough time in each day. do some seasons in life just seem to go by extra fast? this feels like one of them.

i've been needing a little break.

(one that does not involve lying in bed post surgery on vicodin)

so when i heard my mom was coming to town last weekend i decided it was the perfect opportunity to sneak off with just the big kids. i could visit with her and have a little staycation without the little ones. of course, i love having the little ones around too, but i've really been feeling the need for more one on one (or two on one!) time with my big kids. so much of my energy is used with the little ones, especially these past few years where we've always had a nursing baby. i feel like i've missed out on a lot of things with naomi and henry and i have to remind myself that it's not about being there for every little milestone or event. when you're a mama it's really about the whole picture of raising them well. there will always be things that we miss out on, but if we make our time together really count, then that's ok.

even so, i'm really looking forward to more time spent just with these guys. the little girls did great with papa overnight and i even refrained from calling at all hours to check on them (if you know me, you know this is big). we stayed downtown in a fancy hotel (as henry would call it), jumped on the bed, ate pizza, stayed up late watching spiderman, drank hot cocoa, and swam to our hearts' content. it was really the most perfect of getaways. i love these kids!

△ they were super impressed with the big glass shower!

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  1. sounds like such a fun getaway. I bet the big kids had such a blast. amazing pictures as always.


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