scenes from the weekend

we had a perfectly crisp fall weekend over here. you know the kind where the sun is shining and the wind is blowing just enough to send trails of leaves floating up over the kids while they squeal and jump to catch them. yes, those kinds of days. they're so good. 

we spent most of the weekend out and about, exploring and jumping in leaves. then on sunday afternoon we hit a big milestone: all six of us went to our first ever movie together. all six of us! sitting through a whole movie! you see, we always seem to have a little baby and i like to avoid the theaters because the sound is not great for their little ears, so generally it's just a couple of us who head off to the movies. so this was certainly a fun milestone. and in a way, it feels like the beginning of a new chapter for us. a chapter where we can sneak off to an afternoon nature film with all four kids in tow. then walk through the city and grab pizza for dinner. and just be a little more spontaneous. i like that.

i think this will be a good chapter.

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