trick or treat

happy halloween! the kids were so excited and bouncing off the walls all day (and that was before having any candy). the little ones were up by 6 am and then no one took naps... oh my goodness i was so tired  by the time 7pm came around. we made it an early night and watched the nightmare before chirstmas and then took them trick or treating, even little violet had a blast toddling along behind the big kids. they just love dressing up! one of the nice things about having four kids is that is really does feel like a party even when it's just us. henry and akemi were so cute in their little costumes - they wanted to be a chemist and neurologist so i made them a little lab coat and scrubs. i'm big on simple costumes and not spending much money because 4 costumes a year for 18+ years would kind of be adding up! plus they really don't get worn that much. though i have a feeling henry will be wearing his lab coat a lot, he kept asking people "did you see that i am a chemist?" it was so cute! 

see you next year halloween!

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  1. the fourth picture down is way too cute. great simple costumes are the best. sounds like a great day...minus the no napping of course. i love the plastic pumpkins as well-- takes me back to my trick-or-treating days. awesome, as usual!


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