we had a really wonderful thanksgiving this year and even managed to host a few people in our teeny tiny space. i never used to like thanksgiving that much but now that we have our own family and our little traditions, it's something i look forward to. we make a lazy day of it and love staying at home, watching movies, playing charades, and cooking up a feast. more and more the kids are wanting to help out with the food, with setting the table (and dipping their little fingers into the pumpkin pie!). it's a whole lot of fun.

this holiday is great reminder to us to try and be thankful for what we have not just now, but everyday... it might not seem like much, but there are so many little luxuries we have that others don't. so instead of thinking about our wants and needs, i try to teach the kids to focus on our blessings. or as henry would say "the holidays are all about friends and family!" bless his little heart!

 akemi was super excited to help set the table this year and then she planted herself in her chair and was ready to eat long before the food was ready!

△  pumpkin! it's our favorite.

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  1. What a happy looking Thanksgiving! Akemi is such a doll!


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