we're in our last week of counting down to christmas over here and that means the last row of treats on our advent calendar. it's one of the kids' favorite times of the year and they've been jumping with joy talking about when baby jesus will be born!

this is the advent calendar i made for our family several years ago and it's still holding up great. i think we will use it for a long time to come! i wanted something very simple with little pockets we could fill with treats. originally, i planned on writing the numbers on the pockets, but we liked it so much as it was, we left the numbers off. besides, it's great counting practice for all the little ones in our house to have to count them all each day and make sure they're getting the right pocket!

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  1. What a great idea for an Advent calendar!! It looks lovely. And we're pretty big fans of Kinderschokolade over here :) May I ask where you found it??


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