oh christmas tree!

i've been positively itching to go get our christmas tree for the past month... something about the chilly weather and lights everywhere, this season is just so lovely! but with everyone sick over here last week (except for me, knock on wood), we put it off for a bit longer so we could all pick one out together. violet is just in love with the christmas trees everywhere we go. she will wave to them and touch them softly and say "gentle" it's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

we ventured out on a very, very cold day and as soon as we saw the trees i noticed this little short, chubby one right off to the side that looked so perfect. "that's our tree" i thought. but we had to put in a good effort and look at every last one on the lot, just in case. the kids found a large straggly one that we all kind of liked, but in the end, after lots of popcorn eating and freezing our toes off, we went back and picked up that little fat tree. it really is quite perfect! 

we're looking forward to finishing our decorating in the next couple days because right now, stringing lights and drinking eggnog was about all we felt like doing. merry christmas!

△ giving away freshly-popped popcorn at your christmas tree stand kind of guarantees we will be there. the kids were on first name basis with the popcorn lady!

 violet was a fan of the little trees! 

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