oh baby!

Well hello! I think I am officially coming out of hibernation over here (I can call it that because it's winter, right?). I didn't necessarily intend on taking a 3 month break from from the blog but I've been awfully sick and generally on hiatus from everything that involves getting out of bed. The big news? Well I think the picture says it all... we're having a baby!! There is a tremendous amount of excitement about this little one already and we just can't wait to see what this fifth babe will be. And did I say fifth?! Because sometimes I still have to pinch myself that we've been blessed with this little family of ours. 

I'm slowly starting to feel somewhat back to myself after some pretty rough months (nothing like constant sickness and vertigo!) and honestly, the joy of knowing we will meet this baby soon really pulls me through on my hard days. Well that, and doing things like watching King Kong and eating soft pretzels with the kids. Take my word, that will get you through any long day.

So, lots more blogging and some other exciting updates to come soon!


  1. So glad to see you back, I miss your posts! Congratulations on your newest blessing!

  2. oh, congratulations! baby #5! love it :)

  3. just catching up here-- congratulations! how very exciting for you all : )


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