a mini vacation

We took a little mini vacation last week with just our oldest and youngest girls and it was so refreshing to have some quieter time with them! It's been a crazy couple of months for us so the rest and relaxation was much needed. Naomi was smitten with the whole breakfast in bed room service experience and I think it will be hard to top this... she's in this phase where the chandeliers and the place settings and every little detail is being gushed over. Oh how I love it! And Violet was super cute just tagging along with whatever Naomi was doing and pretty much wore herself out with all the swimming she did. It was the perfect mini getaway... I can't wait to do it again!

△ Violet napped every time we went out, sweet girl!

△ late night swimming!

△ milk and cookies delivered for the kids at bedtime + a little miffy on the iphone, how cute are they?!

△ the huckleberry pancakes, smoked salmon hash, and mango papaya lime fruit salad were AMAZING.

△ chocolate chip teddy bear pancakes for the girls

△ and can we just talk about this view for a minute? We didn't want to leave!

△ clocks: new favorite toy

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