baby #5

If you know us, you know we've been pretty excited to find out whether this little baby #5 is a boy or girl... everyone's had their own guess and the kids even made up a little name list to start collecting ideas (Henry recommends Tortilla if it's a boy, Naomi likes Daphne if it's a girl, and Akemi suggests we have 3 more babies after this). I love them so much! We thought it would be fun to do something different this time around and all find out what the baby is together, so we hosted a little party with a cake. The only problem was that I could tell what the baby was at my ultrasound. So I had a little secret and had to keep it from them until we cut the cake! I guess that's what happens when you've had a million ultrasounds. ha

Here are a few pictures from our announcement!

△ the kids were so excited to cut the cake together while everyone watched (and violet only grabbed the cake knife twice and then the cake stuck to the plate which totally added to the suspense)

△ yeah, it's pink! it's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!! (sweet Henry, he was like "I'm gonna need an ice cream sandwich")


  1. I knew it!!!!! At least your guys will be surrounded by beautiful girls!

  2. Congratulations on this incredible blessing! What a fun way to reveal baby's gender to the big siblings. Hope you are feeling well. xx

  3. congratulations - so sweet!!


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