We had a lovely Easter Sunday over here and hope you did too! The kids started the day by proclaiming "Christ is risen!" and little Akemi shouted "he is up indeed!" oh she is too cute. It really is such a joyous holiday as we are reminded that life is everlasting. We did our usual Easter Mass and then brunch and an egg hunt with the little ones. The kids also painted paper eggs to hang on our walls which turned out so cute! And the weather was gorgeous after a very rainy week, which is always a plus on the holidays!

△ painted eggs

△ I kid you not, Kenji actually turned to me in church and said "who would want to stop having babies when they turn out this nice?" MELT MY HEART.

△ Henry spotted two little birds nests!

△ Naomi made a bundt cake for our brunch which was so yummy...

 Easter baskets for our little animal lovers 

△ Akemi said "look mama! these eggs came from a diamond chicken!"

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