our two year old

I have to admit, Violet has been an awfully fun little baby. The way she says "mama!" and throws her little arms around my neck. Or giggles when you lay down to cuddle with her. All the squishy little cheek kisses she plants on us. She is like the sweetest little person all rolled up in this tough, serious baby shell (because really, she is so determined. she will climb anything, lift anything, move furniture around... it's insane!). 

She is becoming such a little toddler and honestly, it kinda breaks my heart that pretty soon she won't be our littlest baby anymore. I just love this stage where her whole life is basically playing on the slide and doing her alphabet puzzle and snuggling with her brother and sisters. It's so sweet and slow and sometimes I just want to freeze it.

But I also know from experience, that soon she'll be in a whole new phase, doing entirely new things and I'll fall head over heels in love with all of that too. Because really, it just gets better. Like these days where she wants to feed herself pasta and color on her legs with markers and run all over the park. And at the end of the day she still likes to climb in our bed and I pretty much love that. So here's to this new year of being two!

We celebrated her birthday last week with pizza and a little miffy cake because oh boy, does she adore pizza and miffy. Which is sweet because I adored miffy when I was her age too. I think she had the best day ever. Here is a little video of her day...

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