sewing for little sister

Naomi has been really interested in learning how to use the sewing machine this year and, I admit, I've sort of been putting it off because I wanted the kids to master things like hand sewing and weaving and knitting first. I think there is something so valuable in knowing these classic hands-on skills. But recently she helped me with some prototype skirts for the business and really wanted to design some things of her own, so it seemed like the perfect time to teach her the ropes! 

She decided she wanted to make a skirt for Violet, so we started with picking out some fabric. She chose a lightweight pink cotton and some gold for pockets. She loved the idea of designing her own fabric so we used this fabric pen and she did a hand drawn bubble design...

We heat set the fabric ink by ironing over it the when she was done drawing and then started sewing... I walked her through the basics of using the machine and she caught on so quickly and has a very steady foot. I helped her a bit with the elastic waist and sewing the curve of the pockets but she did pretty much everything else all on her own. It was so fun to watch her, especially since I know how much I fell in love with sewing once I learned how! She's already asking "can I have this machine when you're done with it??"

She insisted on putting a label on the back (so Violet will know front from back... so cute!) so I let her pick whatever she wanted from my label box. I have a pack of these adorable name labels that Makiko sent me from Japan when Naomi was born, half of them are in English and half of them are in Japanese. They seemed perfect for her first design! 

It turned out so cute and Violet loves her new skirt. I anticipate a lot more sewing to come with this girl!

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