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These past few months have positively flown by and I can't believe it's June already! Well, in general the actual days have felt pretty long... this pregnancy has been so brutal I think I've had less than three weeks of not being sick the entire past seven months and am feeling pretty done with the whole thing. Is it possible to feel so defeated and incredibly blessed at the same time? Because that's kind of where I fall these days. There are just so many things that I miss being able to do... run around the park with kids, or pick up the little girls, or go shopping without it being the only thing I get done that day. Everything is taking 10 times longer and my whole type A personality is just not ok with that. I need some inspiration to pull me through these last two months!

The good news is, this is the beginning of my most favorite time of year and I am so excited for the sun and being outside on warm summer nights. Kenji took us on a nature drive last week and it was so refreshing to see the sunlight pouring down through the trees... we even spotted some little forrest creatures out just sitting at the edge of the woods. The kids have been spending their long afternoons in the hammock (when they're not off enjoying the zoo with papa) and I think we're all getting pretty excited about the idea of moving somewhere with warmer weather year round. They can never get enough outdoor time! Oh summer, how I have missed you!

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