father's day and other mushy things

There's this thing about being a parent. No matter how many baby books you read or how much well-meaning advice you listen to, nothing can really prepare you for what lies ahead. It's like signing up for a lifetime of wearing your heart on your sleeve. This crazy mesh of worry and joy and hard work and moments that make you melt... ah it's so incredibly raw and messy and beautiful. And to do it alongside your most favorite person in the whole world? I just can't think of anything better. 

When I married him 12 years ago, I never really imagined what Kenji would be like as a papa... we were young and babies seemed so far off in our future. Then we kind of grew up, and life happened, and somehow I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have landed him all those years ago. From the moment our first baby was born and he held her, swaddled in her little pink blanket, humming quiet lullabies to her, making all the nurses swoon... I knew then, he was meant for this. He is the most amazing kind of hands-on papa and I love watching him toss our babes in the air and hearing their happy little squeals. The way he scoops them up in his arms, or kisses their little cheeks, the way he somehow always picks up where I leave off. If I'm running on empty he swoops in and takes all four kids to the aquarium for a few hours. Or you know, just takes them on a bus ride into the city to go to the museum and out for pizza while I get some rest. Who does that with four kids?! He's like superdad. He's not afraid of jumping in and doing the hard stuff (and I mean really, the man has been doing laundry duty for seven months during this difficult pregnancy, he doesn't even mention it, he just does it). He always thinks of us before himself. He really is the backbone of our family.

So Kenj, I hope you know how much we adore you not just on father's day weekend, but every day all year... you really are the best. And sitting across from you at our father's day lunch yesterday, Akemi leaned in and whispered "papa has crumbs in his beard! but he's still so handsome!" Boy, I love our kids.


  1. Lovely post Jen! xo

  2. I love this picture of you guys. Hard to believe it's been 12 years already!


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