nesting and then some

△ the kids brought back fresh lavender from a lavender farm on a nearby island... heavenly!

 biggest sister and nine month baby bump

△  little baby clothes... we have a few things saved from each of our babes and it's kind of sweet seeing blue stuff thrown in with all the girl clothes and remembering baby henry!

I've been in full blown nesting mode over here and it's finally starting to feel real that we'll have another little baby in the house soon. This whole miracle of life thing just never ceases to amaze me! It really is pretty incredible. 

I was fluffing pillows and cleaning the microwave at ten o'clock the other night and told Kenji I think I'm finally nesting! and he said no, you're always like this. So I guess I'm kind of a spring cleaner at heart... but really, I always tend to feel anxious and put off all the baby stuff until the last few weeks. Its been such a rough nine months, it's like being in survival mode the entire time and then suddenly, whoa this is really happening! All of the coping and stress kind of slips away and we start to get excited about meeting this new little person.

So, little baby, this week we finally picked a name for you and washed your tiny clothes and the kids picked out the cutest little stuffed koala and I think we're pretty ready to hold you in our arms.

What a blessing this new life is!


  1. You're so close! Praying for the safe arrival of your little one!

  2. You're family is so beautiful! That artwork is so lovely :)


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