scenes from summer

A few scenes from our days lately... we've been enjoying the sunny weather with evenings on the beach and fresh berries and vegan doughnuts (my fave!). The kids are sporting summer tans and sandy feet and I have to say they are pretty happy living outdoors. 

Being on bed rest during the summer has definitely been rough on me this year, even though I'm in my last few weeks and the end is in sight (thank goodness!) it's so hard missing out on so much with the other kids sometimes. My mama heart breaks a little when they are so excited to do things with me and I have to sit out. They may be growing up, but they're still my babies! Henry's first overnights on the sailboat, or Naomi learning how to swim underwater, or seeing Akemi's delight at the new art exhibit... I just love going through life with them and I want to be there! I just keep telling myself this is a season in our lives. The past 8 months have been hard, but years from now, I know it will seem so momentary. So we do what we can to get through. The little things make such a difference... like friends dropping off dinner, or Kenji taking us all to the beach so I can sit on the sand and watch the kids running in and out of the surf and not feel completely left out... little reminders that life is pretty wonderful even though the days are sometimes a struggle right now. I know we will get through this. And I know it will be worth it in the end!

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  1. Praying for you Jen! Can't wait to see pictures of that beautiful baby soon!


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