HOW TO: Play kitchen makeover

Our kids have always enjoyed having a little play kitchen around, especially Akemi, our little chef! She is constantly whipping up some tea or cake and the kids will throw little birthday parties for their stuffed animals. It's pretty cute and one of their favorite pastimes!

Today I thought I'd share a little makeover I did on this wooden play kitchen we gave Akemi for her birthday... I fell in love with it because it was just the right size for their small space but I wasn't crazy about the green and yellow colors. So I had Kenji take it apart and sand down the green legs and yellow backsplash piece, just enough so the new paint would adhere well (after 12 years of marriage I wonder how many times he's heard "honey I love this... but let's paint it white!" seriously.). We put a couple coats of white non-toxic acrylic paint on and reassembled it. What a difference it made! The stovetop was a little trickier and I decided to just freehand paint the burners and knob area, which I think looks much more like a real little stove now that it's black. Here are some before and afters!

△ I used non-toxic acrylic paint and a small angled brush to paint the burners black. much cuter!

△ piggy and panda get lots of birthday cake baked in the new kitchen!

kenji and jen © - DESIGNED BY HERPARK