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No baby over here yet (but can we just stop and swoon over newborn Violet for a minute? ugh I love babies!) With our newest arrival just around the corner, I've been busying myself getting ready for this whole next chapter: packing my hospital bag, washing little clothes, prepping the house for the new baby... I'm sure Kenji is enjoying his paternity leave getting to vacuum every. single. day. but that's important stuff, right?! After four babies I'm starting to feel like we have a rhythm, a system, and we kind of know what to do. My labors have all been pretty much the same, and, being married to statistician leads me to believe I know what to expect this time around too. I'm ready to trade in eating tums and sleeping with a million pillows for swaddling a sweet little babe in the night! 

One of the things I find most helpful is having things ready for a smooth transition once we get home with the new baby. With so many little ones in the house, our days can get a bit frazzled, but making sure my favorite clothes are washed, and stocking up on easy snacks, having everything set up for those long nursing sessions, those little luxuries really help! Here are some of my faves for those first days and weeks after baby...

1. A good nursing pillow. I love my boppy pillow and have used it through all four babies (though I did finally treat myself to a new boppy slipcover for our upcoming baby #5!)

2. Hand sanitizer. So you feel good passing your little one around to visitors. My favorite is from the Honest Co.

3. Books or magazines. Because you might just be spending a lot of time sitting and nursing your new little bundle of joy and it's nice to have something to read. A few parenting books I loved are Happiest Baby on The BlockBringing Up Bebe, and Three In A Bed.

4. This shampoo + body wash by Philosophy smells amazing and is perfect when you only have time to sneak in a quick shower.

5. Another beauty time saver, these grapefruit facial towelettes make it easy to refresh in a hurry, I loved these for my hospital stay too!

7. Drinks + Snacks for those late night feedings. I can't get enough sparkling water right now (hello being pregnant in August) and already have the fridge stocked with these for when we come home with our new babe. I like keeping some easy snacks on hand too... dried fruit and nuts and as a treat I love Trader Joe's dark chocolate covered almonds. GO GET SOME.

8. Moisturizers. I'm a sucker for products that can multi-task. These moisturizers are great because I can use them for everything... the baby bump, nursing, massage, and of course rubbing on that new sweet little baby once she arrives! My faves are Honest Healing Balm and Raw Shea Butter Baby Oil.

9. Comfortable clothes. I love having a few things that I can sleep and lounge in and not look like a hermit all day. Because let's be honest, sometimes getting dressed is overrated when you could just stay in and cuddle your new babe instead. I love these super cute shorts and this is my favorite style of nursing cami, so comfy!

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