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△ little girls recovering from a summer cold :(

August has been full of summer goodness so far with lots of little adventures and fresh blackberry pies (which is just about the second best thing when you're waiting on your new baby to arrive!). The kids have been enjoying nature walks with papa and taking long afternoon naps and I've been keeping busy with little projects. I mean, every new baby needs a few hot pink weavings to hang on the wall right? 

The kids have a thick stack of library books we're wading through these days and they're really loving the classics like Treasure Island and The Secret Garden. These stories are so dear to my heart as I would pretend to be sick when I was little just so I could stay home and read! Of course they're always looking for new books too and the other day at the library I heard that Henry asked the librarian "excuse me, where is the section on gross things?" and then he came home with a bag of books about rot and fungi. Oh I love that kid. (and whoa, there are so many kinds of mold in this world! who knew?) 

Akemi is pretty much into anything sparkly and pony related and she can spend hours playing my little pony with her sisters... but she is kind of a boss and likes to play her way. She is small and mighty for sure! And oh the things she says! She wants to get a pet platypus and is obsessed with everything about robots and France and going to the beach and fancy restaurants. What a fun age 4 is!

The kids are just recovering from a little summer head cold and poor Naomi got swimmers ear from too many afternoons snorkeling in the lake. That girl would live underwater if she could. So  now we are resting up and hoping everyone is on the mend again soon. And in the meantime, enjoying a little Wallace & Gromit marathon all piled in our bed!

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  1. can't wait to meet you little baby! xx


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