tropical house

The kids have been begging me to come to the tropical house at the zoo with them these last few months and honestly, missing out on so much with them has felt just awful during this difficult pregnancy. They are so great about hopping in bed with me and we will read together or watch movies, but it's not the same as our normal life... Naomi even said this week "mom I'm having a hard time remembering what it's like when you're not pregnant and sick" 


So last week when I had a good appointment and could be up and out for a couple hours I thought we should do something, something fun (like go out and get cotton candy because it sounds amazing). We ended up at the tropical house and it was so great to be out for a bit! Almost worth the back pain from walking around for an hour (if you've ever had a sciatic injury you know what I mean... ugh). But, seriously, we really do have so much fun with these guys!

 Violet loved this little lizard and they were waving at each other, so cute! 

△ up close with the jaguar, or as Violet called it the "jagwater" ha ha

△ Henry, a natural with all the birds

Kenji, a natural with all the kids :) 

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