self portraits

The kids made self portraits as a little afternoon project recently and they turned out super cute! It was so fun getting to see how they saw themselves... like how dark Henry thinks his skin is, and how he wishes he had green hair! (also that thing on his head is a little picture of a tropical bird he wants as a pet!) This was a pretty simple project and even Akemi did one all on her own. I love how the girls did accessories too, so fun!

Self Portraits

you will need:
different shades of paper
child-safe scissors
glue sticks 
elmers glue (we used glitter glue we had on hand)
assortment of buttons
shades of embroidery thread

what you need to cut out: 
head shapes in various skin tone colors
circles in reds, oranges, & pinks for cheeks
mouth/lip shapes in reds, oranges, & pinks 
white circles & almond shapes for the eyes

Let the kids choose their faces and glue away!

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