these days

Our mornings start around 6 am these days. The little girls wander into our room in their matching floral pajamas and climb up into our bed... Violet will pull back the covers and snuggle in between us and then giggle and yell "yay! did it!" like she's accomplished her life goal of getting into our bed. It's pretty much the sweetest thing ever. I'm not much of a morning person (gross understatement right there) and even though our nights have been long and tedious this past month, there is something about waking up to smiling babies that warms my heart. Our days and rhythms change over the years, but I never get tired of mornings. The slow and peaceful, playful, lazy, drawn out times of sipping coffee in bed while the little ones watch cartoons, or getting our favorite donuts before Mass on Sundays, or watching them play with play dough for hours on end. How Henry bounds into our room in the morning with a million animal facts rolling off his tongue and Naomi loves to snuggle the baby when she first wakes up. 

These are things I want to remember. 

The crying and laughing and swirl of little voices that has become our soundtrack of sorts, on the rare occasion I'm alone, I even find myself missing the constant noise (ok so I enjoy the peace for about an hour, then I don't know what to do with myself anymore). 

Being a family of 7 still catches me off guard most of the time (like what?! we have how many kids?)  but you know, it never ceases to amaze me how natural it all feels. I have this theory that our struggles to become parents and rough pregnancies along the road have shaped us into people who parent with the glass half full. A way of looking at the long nights and drains clogged with toy soldiers (true story) and bandaids stuck all over the house and taking it in stride, knowing at the end of the day, it's all worth it. When I look at our babies, I see the most perfect combination of us in them... my nose, his eyes, their gorgeous shades of skin that fall somewhere between Japanese and Norwegian. It's a beautiful thing. And I sure am glad we get to do this. 

So that is life these days. Messy, happy, and full of love. 


  1. Just beautiful Jen!

  2. simply.
    you are so inspiring.


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