faith, hope, and love

You are called to care for life in its initial stage; remind everyone, by word and deed, that life is sacred, at each phase and at every age, that it is always valuable. - Pope Francis

I really love this piece of wisdom from Pope Francis. At each phase and every age, life is valuable. Yes! These little people, every child, every baby, is someone worthy of love. Even when it's tough, or they're being difficult, or life is challenging and inconvenient. We are called to value life even at those times. To love and accept and nurture. To not lose sight of what truly matters. We have a little rule in our house (ok, so it's not so little, it's our #1 rule) that if we're not being kind to each other, everything stops and we figure out where we're going wrong and reset our priorities. We want to foster an environment of love. What good would anything in life be if we can't love and value each other on a human level first? It all starts with love.

And when I see our kids helping an old woman at the store or playing with babies at the park, it's like fuel for my soul... a sign that says yes, this is good. Keep going. 

Our days may be loud and busy and filled with spilt milk, but here's the thing, they won't always be that way. Someday our babies will grow up and our home will be quiet and I'll think back to these days of blocks strewn across the floor and sticky little cups of juice left on the table after breakfast and all the crying and laughing and I know I'll miss it. 

Because there's something beautiful here. 

In the late nights rocking babies and scrubbing crayon murals off the walls, these days are a gift. I mean really! Yes, it's crazy and hard and a tremendous amount of responsibility, but I've learned through our story, our trials and losses and bumps in the road, that it's all worth it. The long days always come to an end and when I look back, I'll know we got the important stuff right. 

As it is, these remain: faith, hope, and love, and the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

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