train ride

We had a chance to go on an old fashioned steam train over the weekend and the kids thought it was just the greatest thing. I'd actually never been on a steam powered train myself so it was a treat for me too! Eleanor is a very content little baby and was happy wherever we went, she would sleep in the wrap where she was nice and cozy while we were out and about sipping hot chocolate to stay warm. The kids loved going from car to car even though it was quite the bumpy ride... comes from having good sea legs I suppose! But I think Violet was the most enamored with the train. She does quite the convincing "choo choo!" And of course, everything is more fun with kitty whiskers!

It was a typical overcast, rainy weekend and with all the fog near the mountains and autumn leaves blowing around it felt perfectly moody and just right for the week before Halloween. The kids are already saying we should make it an October tradition in our house, and I have to say, I agree. 

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