December was a little crazy for us this year with most of us being sick the first couple weeks and then poor little Violet got sick right before Christmas, definitely not to best way to spend the holidays! Thankfully, we do celebrate all 12 days of christmas so we're still soaking in the christmas spirit over here. In fact, I think I'd like to drag out this whole hot chocolate and christmas movies by the tree thing as long as I can because I kind of love it. Nothing really beats Christmas morning waking up with the kids... making pancakes and opening presents and hanging out in our christmas jammies. It's the best. And this year we are extra thankful to have our little Eleanor with us too, all the kids just dote on her and she is the happiest baby (really, she is such a mellow baby. like the bob marley of babies). And with that, a few pictures of christmastime around here:

  doesn't everyone do a little pre-christmas grocery shopping in their jammies?!

 this panda chair was a gift for our little girls to share and oh my goodness did they love it. akemi had seen it before and wrote a letter to santa asking for it so waking up to it christmas morning was like the best thing ever!

naomi handmade this little stuffed monster for henry for christmas, it was so cute 

 violet was so excited to see baby jesus at church. but then she kept saying "and mama jesus and papa jesus" ha ha ha we are working on mary and joseph's names.

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  1. Cutest family! Hope you are all on the mend. xx


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