the best auntie!!

 the kids helping Naomi make her famous chocolate chip cookie pie. so good!

 these sisters... oh how they melt my heart!

December has gone by so fast this year, I can't believe it's almost Christmas! We started the month off with a visit from my sister in Germany. Its always so good to see her and leaves me yearning to move closer (Europe anyone?). The kids loved getting some aunt Mary time in! Christmas time is one of our most favorite times of the year and there is always a big long list of the things the kids are looking forward to... seeing the model trains, the carousal, santa, baking cookies, decorating the tree, the list goes on! And we've been checking them off one by one.

The little girls and I did get hit with a head cold last week so we've been laying low and trying to recover, which means lots of christmas movie watching (the Grinch! Elf! Rudolph!) and drinking peppermint tea. Thankfully papa and the big kids have been well so Naomi got to go with Kenji to help decorate the cathedral, which is something she looks forward to every Christmas. This year she got to into the oculus which is about 80 feet above the after so its a really good thing I wasn't there because I may have had a heart attack seeing that. Bless her heart though, she loves helping and is such an amazing, brave young girl. It's so fun enjoying this season with the kids and anticipating the birth of baby Jesus with them. We can't wait for Christmas!

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