I've been thinking we're a bit overdue for a little blog update these days, aren't we? I'm not sure if it's the lulls of winter or a case of delayed exhaustion from such an incredibly difficult year, but I've been feeling the need to withdraw a bit and recoup. I suppose that's one of the upsides to our homeschooling, and small space living, and Kenji's unexpected change in jobs... it all came together in a way that gave us some close knit time as a family just to breathe in a little. And I think we've really needed that. Sometimes life can get kind of negative and overwhelming and it's just really good to pull away and unplug for a bit. A sweet friend commented how we all coordinated our outfits so wonderfully at church the other day (ha ha ha a generous comment, for sure) and I felt I should mention that we probably hadn't even bothered getting dressed for at least the last three days, because hey, that's where we're at. It's a bit like hibernation really. The kids and I watched five seasons of Survivor and are well on our way through the Nancy Drew books, all in our pajamas, cuddling, and eating cookies for lunch at 3 pm. That's just what we've needed these days. And now that it's spring, I'm feeling like we can usher in a new season, not just on the calendar, but truly a new season in our lives. A season where we can move forward and be brave in our decisions and hopeful about our future. And a season where we have a new found confidence in ourselves, as a family. We can make it through these rough seasons. When life gets messy we have to remember, God is on our side, which doesn't mean things will be easy, but we can't be afraid to do the hard stuff.

And also, we have this incredibly cute, chubby little 7 month old baby, can we just talk about her for a second?! She is the smiliest, happiest, babe and she makes all of our hearts just melt. And that's the thing about kids. Even when you're going through a tough season in your life, life goes on with them. Everyday is a new string of hilarious toddler commentary and exploring new ideas and it's absolutely never boring. It keeps you in the moment. And you just can't afford to waste much time on negativity or the past, which is really a good thing in my book.

There was actually a moment this week when I was shopping at Costco and I lifted Akemi into the cart and realized, this was probably the last time she will ever be small enough to ride up there. The last time that I will gaze down at her little legs sticking out of the cart with that hole in her knee and we will walk by the rugs so she can hold out her arm and feel how soft they are from her little perch up high. And she will ask to get out and strum the keys on the pianos and we will stop for samples along the way and I will be surprised that she likes the spicy food. And it occurred to me that I really can't remember the last time Naomi was small enough to ride, or Henry was light enough I could carry him into bed after he fell asleep watching a movie. The time goes so fast! These things will fade and really, I kind of like remembering them. I like coming to this blog and writing about the silly little things like what the kids said in the car this morning or the art projects we did, or how we made pancakes together on Saturday morning. Of course there are challenges and hurdles that go on as well, but when you look back, these are the important things. These are the little moments that make up our lives.


  1. This is a beautiful post Jen! Glad to see you back! xx

  2. Welcome back :)

    On a side note: I have a slight obsession with Survivor and wish I could rewatch all the seasons now.


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