los angeles

We had a fabulous time in LA recently and I think the kids kind of fell in love with California! Life has been such a whirlwind lately and it was nice to get away from it all for a bit and enjoy some much needed family time. Violet keeps asking to go back to our "new home with a pool in california" it's so cute! A girl after my own heart for sure. We loved exploring LA with them and, typical of our kids, they decided on more museums instead of extra days at Disneyland, so we felt like we got to do a little bit of everything. Of course, Disney was pretty fun too and especially little Violet was just in heaven. Getting to meet winnie the pooh and go on the small world ride and casey junior train a million times over was just the greatest thing to her. We spent a lot of time at the pool and the girls did so much swimming and usually Naomi was the last one out! One of my favorite days was our last night there, wandering around Hollywood with the kids, going to In-and-Out burger on Sunset boulevard, playing at the park, and getting late night cronuts at SK's donuts while the babies slept. It felt like our normal life, only in LA, so the weather was much more awesome. I loved it.

Also, this was our first time traveling with FIVE little ones and I put a lot of thought into how to manage it all while still feeling like I was on vacation myself and it went pretty well. Honestly, I'm sure just the thought of flying with five kids seems a little daunting (and we certainly did turn a few heads at the airport) but really, our kids tend to be pretty independent and polite anyway, so they made the best little travelers! They all carried their own backpacks (even little Violet!) and were good about sticking together and playing with each other if they got bored. We are at that perfect number where our family of seven takes up one entire row on the plane, with Eleanor on my lap, and that made it really nice. On the flight home, all three little girls promptly fell asleep for naps during takeoff and Naomi and Henry watched a movie on the iPhone, so Kenji and I actually had coffee and got to relax for a couple hours. It was perfect! 

California, we will see you again soon!

△ that view though!!

△ this was the sweetest thing, as Henry and Akemi waited in line for the Dumbo ride, they debated which color elephant to try to get - she loves pink, he loves green! I encouraged them to just hop into the closest one and not to worry about it. But when it was their turn, Henry raced past the green elephant and stood by the pink one calling for Akemi to hurry and hop in. It was the sweetest thing that he got her color for her without even stopping to think about it! MELT MY HEART.

 at the LA county museum of art

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