these days

June has been positively amazing this year with gorgeous weather every single day and it's supposed to stay this way, it's pretty much my idea of heaven! We have been keeping busy with nature walks and art class and zoo days and lots of running around the park these days. Eleanor is a baby who loves being out and about, more than any of our other babies really. So we will often hit the park after art class and then wander over for some iced tea or vegan doughnuts. The kids love to push Eleanor in the stroller and will argue over who's turn it is. It's awfully cute and so often I just look at them and can't believe they're mine!

This year has really been a bit of an adjustment for us, figuring out our new rhythm with five kids and such, but I feel like we're finally at this place where things are flowing easily again. Just the whole routine of getting everyone breakfast and out the door to the park or bath time and bedtime for all five, I have to be organized for it go smoothly day after day after day! But right now, the kids are really at these perfect ages where they all get along and buddy up so well. They play together at home and hold hands when we're out, and all of that just makes my life so much easier. I am so thankful they are the best of friends.

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