fourth of july

We took a long weekend for the fourth of July and headed over to a sleepy little Norwegian harbor town to unwind for a few days. It was super mellow and just what we needed after a crazy couple of weeks. The kids even slept until 9 each morning, heaven! We had a great time exploring little shops and alley ways with the kids and there were basicly baskets of budding flowers spilling out everywhere... hello summer! Of course we had to enjoy the famous doughboys from the local bakery which are seriously, the best maple doughnuts on earth and we may have come home with a few viking hats for the kids. We watched fireworks from the boat and the kids were pretty enchanted with the whole thing. Even little Eleanor watched the entire show and never flinched at the loud ones. I guess that's the true sign of a fifth child, she is so used to all the noise! We had a great weekend and even got to visit the marine science center which was a hit with the kids. There is nothing like spending a few days with your favorite people, getting lost in old bookstores and eating delicious food and watching the prettiest of sunsets. It's really the best.

△ panda has to go everywhere with her you know :)

 I don't know why Henry is holding a little note that says "I LOEV VIOLET" but it pretty much the sweetest thing. 

△ watching fireworks from the boat!
I love this little sleepy head

△ famous doughboys and a big viking doughnut... so good.

△  Naomi and Vi are just the best of friends these days and want to do everything together, it is so sweet! 

 the most adorable little lunch date

acai lemonade... perfect when it's 90 degrees out!

△ the kids will eat anywhere that serves their food in little pirate ships!

△ that baby laugh! swoon.

 at the marine science center
coloring jellyfish with the girls! 

 all the little feet

totally normal ferry ride home for Kenj. This always makes me laugh.

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