these days

We've been super busy these last few weeks and I can hardly believe it's already August and our littlest one will be celebrating her first birthday soon! The time goes by so fast. Especially during summer when we're outside until well after dinner everyday soaking up the nice weather and having fun. It's great, but it's also nice to finally fall into bed every night after running after little ones for 16 hours straight! Today was our one day without plans this week and I readily welcomed a slower day of catching up on laundry and playing at the park. Little Eleanor has been teething (she has three now!) and not exactly her normal happy self, but when she started fussing in the car, I saw Violet reach across to her seat and say "don't worry, I gotcha, I gotcha." MELT MY HEART. She is so so sweet. I just love seeing her as a big sister. A few recent pictures...

△ an abstract art installation at the local arts fair, the kids loved running through it!

Akemi is always the first one awake in the morning and she sneaks in (well ok, she is not that sneaky and usually wakes me) and can't wait to play with the baby as soon as she wakes up. It's the cutest thing! 

△ Naomi inflated at least a hundred balloons, set up bouncy houses, and served cotton candy for the annual picnic, she is the best little volunteer!

△ my little blonde girls

△ Henry and Akemi were mesmerized with these cool contraptions at the street fair. Also, this had to be like the creepiest alley way we've ever walked through. ha ha 

the best papa! 

△ we made these adorable little bracelets from this cute book! Henry painted a madagascar leech on his... I really didn't even know there was such a thing as a madagascar leech until he told me about it.

we love summer nights at the park 

△ I think this was Vi's first face painting! She was the cutest little kitten. Henry asked for an amoeba for his face painting and a dust mite balloon animal... I was just dying standing behind him listening to him trying to explain to these poor people how to paint an amoeba. You can pry him away from his biology books for a bit, but it's never far from his mind! I love that boy. 
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