on being five years old

Our sweet little Akemi turned five years old over the summer. Which in her case is really more like five going on fifteen. Or as Akemi says "I'm actually almost a woman." This girl. She is so eager to grow up and it's just the funnest thing being her mama. Whether she's breaking out in song and dance (how she has fallen in love with Britney Spears is beyond me, but she has) or sneaking into my makeup (she did her own mascara in this pic) or helping me whip up a batch of her very favorite macaroni and cheese, she is just such a bubble of happy energy. If I'm going to run a quick errand, she is always the one to hop in the car and come along and ask to stop for a green tea and chips and basically just talks the entire time. In fact her comments are so hilarious I have a running list on my phone just for recording them because I never want to forget these things. Here are some of my favorites.

"Space is never too scary. Not even a pinch."

"Mom you shouldn't look at the sky while you're thinking. You might get distracted by the sky!"

"This whole place smells like a fruit salad!" at the farmers market.

"Baby Eleanor makes my heart sing!"

"Let's call her Cuteanor!"

"And we can get tofu! Tofu is like a sponge that can soak up all the water. But tofu is like a sponge that you can EAT! And we should get a little fridge just to keep our tofu in" while out grocery shopping.

"And to get to heaven you just look for the cloud that has a door on it. I always knew there was a door to heaven"

"You should always look out for people with fake beards. If you pull on their beard and it's fake, that means its a bad guy. Because mostly good people have beards."

"Tropical is another word for HAWAII!"

"I'm wearing a head band. Actually it's a sweat band. the kind you wear when you're racing without wheels. One time papa took us to the track and there were racers running in front of us and they were all wearing the same clothes, and they were wearing these!"

"My feet are really asleep. Both of them are. Because they didn't get enough sleep last night."

"When we go to the beach, let's change our hair to blue to match the water!"

"Old people can take the elevator. Elevators are ok because they might fall down the stairs"

"Eleanor sure looks like me! We might be sisters when we grow up!"

And just for fun: five year old Naomi and five year old Henry. Now I'll just go cry about these kids growing up way too fast!

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