these days

I think it's safe to say the end of summer is upon us, and honestly, I'm a tiny bit sad about that. We ushered September in with heavy rain and it's definitely feeling like the season is changing. I'm already missing the warm summer nights! 

The past month has been really fun and busy and it kind of flew by. We've been getting in as many beach days as we could and enjoying new animals at the zoo and family pizza movie nights and all the things summer encompasses. I remember settling into my new role as mama of five just a year ago and feeling positively overwhelmed at the thought of taking all five little ones out with me. And now, it's become an old routine we slip into like it's nothing at all. How life changes! I've really loved this phase. Where there is constant adventuring and learning and everyday is a new leaf. I love that they are still little enough to all pile into our bed for snuggles. And young enough they're still humored by stories and they beg me for just one more before they drift off to sleep. Little enough I can still convince them to follow me around at the park like little chickadees (which by the way, is a fantastic way to keep all your kids close by when out and about) But big enough they don't mind trying brave new things like jumping in the lake or hiking a mountain or venturing out a little to do their own thing. It's a pretty amazing thing, watching children grow up. And they sure are a lot of fun to be with. I know I will always have amazing memories of this summer.

△ this girl! she is such a night owl (like her mama I guess!) she is always rolling around playing when it's way past bedtime!

 beignets and coffee on a rainy day is kind of the best thing ever

△ these girls love to help make pancakes in the morning, I love it. even if that does mean cleaning up dropped eggs and sticky syrup! they're the sweetest little helpers.

△ jellyfish!

△ I can't believe this babe is already running around the playground with the big kids!

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