these days

I was going over our schedule tonight when I realized we are already in our last week of September. This month has positively flown by! Fall is upon us and the kids have been loving jumping in piles of freshly fallen leaves wherever we go, which always makes life a little more fun. Our activities have started up for the year and combined with time for homeschooling, and errands, and everything else we do, our days have been pretty busy lately. Eleanor is getting a few new teeth and that has been keeping her up at nights when she is otherwise a very good sleeper, so I've barely been staggering out of bed this past week. Thank goodness for coffee! She already has four little teeth and her smile when she's cracking up is just the most precious thing ever. I love it!

Our sweet Henry also had a birthday this month, eight years old! How is he that big already?! I'm so thankful he still insists I lay with him and tell him a story every night. I will be cuddling him and kissing him goodnight as long as he lets me (hopefully for another 10 - 15 years? ha ha). He isn't into big parties for his birthday and instead opted for a nice lunch at the rainforest cafe and then I surprised him with a peddle car ride by the beach. Which is basically like a bicycle made for seven and the funnest thing ever. 

The weather is slowly turning and we have been getting a lot of rain these days. In fact I think we had the biggest downpour I've ever seen in my life. I took all of the kids to Whole Foods to pick out cookies after their first day of class a couple of weeks ago, and as we checked out, the entire sky darkened and just opened up with rain. We made a mad dash for the car but got completely drenched by the time we were in. The kids thought it was the best time of their lives! Truly the magic of childhood!

A few pictures from life these days...

of course, the kids share our love of old bookstores! 

a jungle lunch for our birthday boy! 

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