how to: paper cactus craft

We've been studying different habitats lately so I thought this cute little cactus craft would be perfect to do with our desert study. I saw the idea on pinterest and thought it looked fun! (just a quick search for paper cactus yields a ton of inspiration) The kids loved making these and they look so cute we will probably keep them around for a while. Here's how we made ours...

You will need:

empty cans or jars
paper to cover the cans
rocks (we used ones like these or these)
green cardstock

 △ Cut out two pieces for each cactus to make them 3 dimensional.

△  Decorate them with crayons.

△  Cut the foam pieces to fit each can. 

△  Decorate the outside of the cans. We found these neat duck tape sheets at our local craft store which made it really easy, and then collaged magazine pictures on the other cans.

△  Slide your finished cactus together and cut an X in the foam. Put the cactus in, deep enough to be sturdy.

△  Arrange rocks on top.

△  You can make different shapes and sizes! Just cut slits and slide them together. The kids even added flowers to some.

△  hello cute little cacti!

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