The kids love carving a pumpkin together every year and so far, no one asks for their own, so we are keeping with the family tradition. Kenji told them they could get the biggest pumpkin they could carry, and did they ever! We were both surprised at the huge pumpkin they were able to roll off the field! I love those kids. And what would a trip to the pumpkin patch be without a run through the corn maze and a little shopping at the farm store? I'm kind of spoiled being raised on my grandpa's fresh honey, so I love supporting our local farms and buying honey when we're out there!

 △ by the end of the maze someone was pretty tired and wanted a ride on papa!

 △ debating over pumpkins

 △ the great pumpkin!

△  I love Vi's face here... like there's pumpkin on my hands!

 △  voila! a pumpkin kitty!

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