these days

We're a month into fall already and I'm kind of enjoying getting to bundle up the kiddos in all their cute little hats and coats. Is there anything cuter than a squishy little baby all bundled up?! I think not. We've been making hot chocolate and painting little pumpkins and took a little trip out to the corn maze this week. Now if I could just finish up the halloween costumes I will be set! It seems like they always change their minds a million times the month of October and since I usually make their costumes, I end up whipping them out last minute. I got a little head start this year though and three out of five are ready! We've been crazy busy the last few weeks getting ready for something big (think MOVING!) so the blog has been a little quiet, but here are a few pics from life these days...

playing in the sandbox is always a hit... and they play so well it gives me time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee! totally a win win :)  

△ little friends eating doughnuts

this girl, she is always asking to hold her teddies in a baby wrap! 

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