moving and other things

Things have been a little crazy these past few weeks and I'm not going to lie, I kind of just want to take a 48 hour nap right now. Thank god it's almost the weekend and there is ample coffee here! I am currently waist deep in boxes and picking out paint colors and cabinet knobs and all sorts of other domestic things, but the big news over here is that WE ARE MOVING! We've bitten off quite a big project this year and are are heading out to a house my grandpa built, where I spent a good part of my childhood, on a small farm with chickens and bunnies and eating from the garden and climbing trees in the orchard. It all sounds quite idilic really (especially the baby bunny part, it's totally as cute as you would imagine it to be).

But it's a big move for us and honestly I'm a a little nervous about taking the leap to live farther out from civilization (because that is totally how it feels, to me. it's not really that far out). I am such a city person and pretty much thrive on the sound of busy streets and traffic and lights, it's just who I am. But then there's this whole new world of having five little ones, who happen to be extremely nature oriented, and the idea of cultivating some land with them and maybe even having some little farm animal friends, I don't know, it's starting to sound kinda fun. And after a couple of years of some intense small space living, we are definitely excited for this next season in life!

At the moment things are pretty overgrown and in need of some TLC, but it sounded like a great adventure to begin. We should be in by Christmas! The kids have been out to the land, running around on the frosty grass dreaming of all the baby goats they want to get. We can't wait to start this new chapter!
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