these days

December has been pretty crazy over here with Kenji super busy with work and our move delayed a few weeks (and really, who wants to move during the holidays?! not me) We are just so excited to finally be days away from settling into the new house and decorating our christmas tree. And I even saw there is some snow in the forecast for next week, so maybe we will be celebrating a white christmas all cozied up in our new home?! That would be oh so perfect. 

We did take a morning last weekend to go visit santa and the kids asked him to bring them all sorts of things like drums and an armadillo, and a new baseball bat and maybe even some special earrings so a certain girl can get her ears pierced. What! I'm definitely in denial any of our girls are old enough to be wanting that. They grow up so so fast! But I do look forward to some lazy days with the kids after this move is over, and soaking in some christmas parties and cookie baking and everything else we love so much. Happy Holidays!

hanging at the boat pond on an unusually warm day! I'm kind of missing that sunshine right about now 

△ date night and visiting santa!

△ puppet shows at the museum and a pretty amazing local burger joint

△ the chocolate walnut monster cookies from whole foods... so good!

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