these days

△ little wooden cars Kenji made for the kids!

We're so happy with the arrival of warmer weather here and have been getting out and enjoying the sunny days whenever we can. The kids love hitting the local fountain to cool off if we're out shopping and so far that has been my favorite thing to do with them this summer. We're feeling a little more settled into our new place these days. Unpacking is going embarrassing slow with me being so sick with this pregnancy. It's been six months and I think our bed is the only piece of furniture actually in it's place and we have yet to hang a single thing on the walls (except our crucifix by the door of course). It makes me cringe being so laid up but it's just the pace of life at the moment and I have to remind myself it will all come to an end in a few short months. And then of course there will be plenty of time for decorating in between snuggling our new baby.

We were lucky to have Father Peter come and bless the house recently while he was visiting from Eritrea and he even said an African blessing for our new babe! Sometimes it's easy to lose perspective when you're going through a difficult time, but its so good to remind ourselves how truly fortunate we are in this world. Let us not forget to be thankful even in the midst of our struggles! A few pics from life these days...

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