3 months

Our sweet babe is 3 months old already and I'm kind of in disbelief about it. Life can feel like such a whirlwind some days! It still sounds crazy to me that we have six young children in the house, because really it doesn't feel like that many most of the time (only at bedtime. that's when it feels like there are a lot. because that whole brush teeth, pajamas, bedtime stories, prayers, lullaby routine takes sooo much longer with six!)

But little Orlando, he is already holding his head up like a champ and laughing and just this week started rolling over for the first time! I get the sense he is taking in everything the other kids do with the utmost seriousness, studying all of their moves and voices. He's mesmerized watching them! The other day he was on his tummy and Henry was encouraging him to crawl and I swear it looked like he was trying to scoot himself, like he completely understood what Henry was saying. I was like NOOOOO. Just stop growing up and stay a baby for a while. Because even though I adore every age of raising children, there is something heavenly about having a new babe in the house. And with every baby, I always wonder if it will be the last time for us. I'm sure there will always be plenty of other babies to hold in the future, but something about having a little one who is completely and entirely yours 24/7? It's so special. So I'm spending much of my days with this chubby baby in my lap, soaking up the sweet smell of his hair and taking in all of his baby coos. 3 months old really is the best.

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