The kids and I have been fighting off a little cold so I'm just getting around to sharing a few pictures from our Christmas. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Christmas time is so much fun with the kids and my heart is filled to the brim after a week of celebrating with them. They loved seeing all the lights, making cookies, playing in the snow, decorating the tree together. It's just magic. Henry says he wants to make sure all the kids come home on Christmas Eve every year, even when they're grown and married, so we can always bake Christmas cookies together.  I feel like I can get behind that idea.

My brother was in town this year too so we all stayed up late watching Pete's Dragon and then moved the sleepy kids into bed so we could pull out some gifts and stuff their little stockings. It's still feels crazy to me that we have a child old enough to get things for Christmas like piercings and tickets to see RENT, but you know, they grow up fast! And it's so much fun. We had a really wonderful weekend and I'm still counting my blessings. I love this little family of mine so much.

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